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"My Call To Serve bracelet came just in time for my mission reunion during General Conference weekend. My mission friends were impressed by this tasteful reminder of our time and service together among the great people of Pennsylvania. What a great gift for any current or return missionary!" - Scott Sundblom

"This bracelet is engraved with the name of a place where I spent an important part of my life. Thank you, My Call To Serve, for this inspirational gift that helps me remember my ongoing call to serve others and do good in the world." - Shawn Butler

"The idea of the bracelet is great! Whether a family member or the actual missionary is wearing it, they seem to have a deeper connection with their call to serve. Personally, I think far too many people (missionaries and family) view the mission experience as more of an adventure or voyage, and less of a divine responsibility. Although the bracelet is external, having a visible, tangible object can truly help internalize the importance of the mission. Missionaries have a hard enough time learning how to speak new languages, teaching mission material, and simply being away from home. If these bracelets can be given to the missionaries from the right person/family member with the right message, then abstractly it can act as a connection to home, when visibly, it is encouraging a focus on the mission." - Austin Page

"I returned from my LDS mission in May of 2006. Each year as May comes around, it's fun for me to reflect on my time as a missionary in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. It was the hardest challenge of my life, and has also been one of the best things that I have ever done. I ordered this little beauty from My Call To Serve to help me remember the people that I met, the experiences that I had, the miracles that I saw, and the emotions that I felt. Many thanks to so many friends and family who supported me and helped me grow as an individual." - Dan Posner

"I got my bracelet a couple of weeks ago and I'm loving the reminder that it is for me. It's been especially great for me while I've been at work. I realized that I've started having a lot more gospel based conversations at work. As I notice it, it makes me think about my mission and the church throughout the day. Being a missionary doesn't end after 18 or 24 months..." - Jamie Bates

" I'm so glad I accepted the call to serve in the Kenya Nairobi Mission. I see the blessings of that service on a daily basis. Waking up early, staying determined, and working hard even when the doors are being slammed in my face. Now with my own little future missionary champ, I realize that teaching the gospel wasn't just a one-time-gig. As a parent its about living and loving the gospel! I love being a Dad as I love being a missionary. There is nothing in this world that brings me more joy and happiness. Thanks for the Mission Bracelet My Call To Serve! Its a great reminder of what brings true purpose in this life!" - Juan Whiting

" In 2009, when I returned from my two-year mission in the California Roseville Mission, I really missed putting on my missionary badge each morning before heading out the door. My missionary badge was a constant reminder of who I was and what was most important in my life. I wanted something that could serve a similar purpose, but that I could wear casually every day. Now, nearly five years, a college degree, a beautiful wife and a sweet daughter later, I have this cool wristband I can wear each day to remind me of those two years of service and intense personal growth. Thank you, My Call To Serve, for a great idea and an awesome product." - Shawn Howell

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