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A letter from Jason Deere...

For years the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has sent willing men and women throughout the world as missionaries to serve people and to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ "to every nation, kindred, tongue and people" (Mosiah 3:20). This is how my father and mother were taught the gospel in the early 1970s in my home state of Oklahoma. One knock at the door changed a family of six forever. Years later my brothers served two year missions in Guatemala, Honduras, Belize and Chile and I served my mission in the Nevada Las Vegas Mission. The experiences associated with our missions forever changed us all. Yes, we learned our own religion by teaching about the principles and ordinances of the gospel, but our learning became life-changing when those we taught became our teachers as they embraced, applied and lived divine principles that brought them happiness. I walked through thousands of doors during my twenty-four months as a missionary. Ihad the privilege to get up close and personal with all kinds of people, giving me a crash course in life like no other. To forget myself and to get lost in the service of others and in the service of my God, at such an influential and young age, provided me with an education I could have found nowhere else. I loved those two years!

In recent years I have been blessed as I have traveled the world with the Nashville Tribute Band performing music and spoken word that pays tribute to the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the rich heritage and history of the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints, and also honoring the growing force of 90,000 plus missionaries who walk the streets today, two by two, throughout the countries of the world. I believe in the experience of serving missions. I know the value of it to the missionary and to those he or she serves. It is my vision and my goal to forever love, encourage, and prepare people for their own call to serve.

The My Call To Serve special line of inspirational reminders are beautifully designed and crafted. These fashionable products are created to help remind everyone who wears them of their unique and continuing journey to serve and of the many blessings received in sharing the gospel. "Therefore, if ye have desires to serve God ye are called to the work" (D&C 4:3 ). With the announcement by President Thomas S. Monson in the October 2012 General Conference that Elders can now serve missions at eighteen years of age and Sisters at nineteen, the army of young missionaries throughout the world is projected to surpass 100,000 in 2014. This will surely continue to grow as our young people set goals, live for those goals and valiantly achieve them. The hastening of the work is simultaneously providing countless opportunities to serve for everyone, regardless of age. It is truly a wonderful time to be a missionary.

As long as I live I will give of my talents making music, speaking to audiences and writing words that inspire and motivate people to live the unparalleled experience of serving Jesus Christ as full-time missionaries for themselves. And with the same vigor I will continue to tell all who will listen what the great WORK that we call "missionary work" means to us as a people, what it means to our culture and how it continues to cultivate and uplift one of the most inspiring group of missionaries the world has ever known.


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